Each dog gets our undivided attention on walks in its neighbourhood & on the trails. An active dog is not a bored (or destructive) dog!

We accept clients of all walks of life. Dogs, cats, rabbits and all small pets considered. Please note, however, that availability is now limited... Contact for details.

Release The Houndz (RHZ) offers private dog walking and pet care services tailored to accommodate busy lifestyles without disruption of your pets’ daily routines. Release The Houndz is bonded, insured and pet first aid/CPR certified for the peace of mind of Milton, Ontario pet families.

New dog owners, take advantage of our consultation service that will inspire confidence in the early decisions you make as a new pet parent!

  • Each new family pack members have unique personalities and energy demands so our services are tailored specifically to suit the goals that you want to achieveThese goals can be weight loss, behaviour modification or just good old “burn them out, please”. 


  • Locally owned and operated by a Zoologist with 15 years of professional animal handling and health monitoring experience  ​who is also a registered animal technician (RLAT). Have a trained eye look after your beloved pets.

  • Dog manners and basic commands will be reinforced on every outing (ie. recall, sit, down, off and wait) with positive reinforcement and professionalism. By the end of the walk, your dog will be mentally and physically exhausted!


  • Release The Houndz is legally registered, bonded and insured.  Pet First Aid and CPR certified by St. Johns Ambulance. We carry a back pack with water, spare leashes and collars, a first aid kit and pet information so that we can be best prepared for the unknown!

  • For dog walking services, we offer a FREE initial meet and greet appointment that includes a dog walk in the company of the owner. This helps RHZ determine how to best meet your pets' needs and understand your specific expectations.

  • A pet profile will be created for each client. This will ensure that as we get to know each pack member, the details are not forgotten. We will keep track of everything from favourite treats to favourite trees.

  • To ensure services are rendered with care, a special detailed note is left at each visit. The time of visit, exciting moments and health concerns will be recorded.  Whenever possible, photos or videos will be taken and shared with you via email or text.

  • Each dog walk includes free treats and water and any mess is picked up with environmentally friendly scooping bags.

  • Services are offered rain, snow or shine. However, during extreme weather conditions when it is not safe for pets to be outside, safe prearranged indoor activities will be offered in your home in lieu. Following rainy excursions, paws will be properly dried. 

  • Referral Incentives! One free 30min dog walk, potty break or pet visit for successful new client referrals! (In-Your-Home Dog sitting excluded)

Why Choose Release The Houndz?

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While you’re away, we’ll care for your dogs, cats, rabbits and more, in the comfort of their own home.

Long days at work? Puppy in training? Caught in traffic unexpectedly? Rest easy, we'll let your pup or dog out for a yard potty break!

Puppy Season is here! Take the plunge! In-your-home Pet Consultations provide information on home & parent preparation!


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